Glenn Watson has been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years. The Miami, Florida native graduated from The University of New Mexico with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts and Photography. After working as a Commercial Photographer for many years he met Don Johnson and was asked to be the set photographer for Miami Vice, which he worked on for the last 3 seasons of the show. Since that time he has worked on over 150 TV Shows such as CSI Miami, Bones and Burn Notice. Glenn also has worked on 15 Feature Films including There’s Something About Mary, Me Myself and Irene and Shallow Hal.


In his lengthy commercial career, Glenn has produced photographic works using methods such as hand coloring, darkroom manipulation and collage. Experienced with many film formats including 35mm, 2¼ and 4x5. He now shoots exclusively with digital cameras manipulating images in the computer using almost the same techniques as he did in the darkroom.


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